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64 Years and still going strong...

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Oliff’s Computers Christchurch – Going Strong Since 1954!

Oliff’s is a business where you get looked after and can speak to the people that own the business, receive tutorials, use a help line and buy products at a very competitive price.

Oliff's offer a constant backup service for all products and a sound knowledge for assisting clients.

Looking ahead there are many changes but when you are at the leading edge of technology, the constant changes are not as daunting as they might appear.

When it comes to Computer shops in Christchurch, Oliff’s take some beating. What they don’t know about computing simply isn’t worth knowing. The fact that they have been in and around the office and computing business since 1954 tells you all you need to know.

As a family run business, Oliff’s were there right at the birth of the home computer era and have grown with it. From the early 1980′s with the explosion of the Commodore 64, Oliff’s stores became the main retailers in the South Island and quickly established themselves as the  place to go if you wanted to purchase a computer. More importantly, not only could you go there to make a purchase, they would also come to your home/office and install them for you and provide a full backup service.

Nowadays and moving right up to date, Oliff’s have grown to be a household name for computers in Christchurch and the surrounding areas specialising in Acer notebooks and Excel desktop computers. They also operate a computer repairs division and are known for their quick turnaround times. More importantly, Oliff’s recognise just how important your PC is to you or your business and as a result understand that some jobs require ‘on site’ servicing. Therefore, they will send out an engineer when necessary to your premises or home to fix the problem. For those who cannot get into a store, they also operate a collect and redeliver service. Everything has been thought of and nothing is ever too much trouble.

christmas-gifts-laptop.jpgWhether you are looking to make an office based purchase at a great price, or simply after some sound advice, then don’t hesitate to contact Oliff's. They pride themselves on their customer service, which is second to none, and to them it’s about far more than just selling a computer. If you’re unsure whether a product is right for you, Oliff’s expertise comes into play, and they will make sure that you leave the store with a product that meets all of your needs. So whether it’s a state of the art laser printer, a new desktop Computer for an office, a projector or the latest 24” screen for a PC, an experienced store representative is always on hand who can help.

Although Oliff’s has expanded its operation since their humble beginnings, they still manage to retain a family feel to the business and they strongly believe that this is what has kept them going. Even to this day, Derek, Lynn and Leo Oliff still run Oliff’s Computers Christchurch and are very hands on. In fact they say that they are looking forward to the next Sixty Five years with great optimism.